Short term cash loans

With payday loans, people can borrow small amounts, usually up to 750 over a few weeks or a month at rates of interest that are often very high, typically in excess of 1,000% APR.

During the past couple of years an increasing number of families have turned to pay day loans in order to alleviate short term financial problems in the run up to payday. Borrowers undertake to repay the lender as soon as they receive their wages.

Many payday lenders offer cash loans which can be deposited into your bank account the same day. Usually no credit check required.

If used sensibly and infrequently, they can provide a solution when you do not have enough money to last until next pay day or you have a sudden small scale cash crisis.

But be wary, this type of borrowing is expensive and be sure to pay off the amount you borrow before or at date it is due. If you fail to repay the loan you will find the costs quickly rack up.